Scioto County, Ohio

Jackson, Messer, and  Related Families Documents

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Randy Jackson

Jackson Family Document Source
Agnes V. Jackson Death Certificate
Grace Wells Jackson  Article Portsmouth Times  14 Mar 1942
 Leonard Jackson Enlistment Article
Portsmouth Times  8 Feb 1942
Portsmouth Times
27 March 1971
Nancy Nannie McCoy Jackson Obituary Portsmouth Times  27 October 1959
Samuel Albert Jackson Death Certificate

Portsmouth Times  11 March 1948
Albert Jackson and Nancy McCoy Marriage Certificate Scioto County Probate Court
Stanley Jackson WWI Draft Registration

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Messer Family Document Source
Alabam Messer Nease

 James Nease
Tombstone Photo

Obituary for J. Nease

Portsmouth Times, 17  November 1929
Alfred Messer Death Certificate  
Alice Messer Loper

Alfred Loper
Death Certificate

Death Certificate
 Portsmouth Times, 26 December 1909

Portsmouth Times 1948
Andrew J. Messer Obituary
Death Certificate
Portsmouth Times,  15 April 1946
Arthur W. Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, 16 September 1968
Benjamin Messer WWI Draft Registration
Charles Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, October 1910
Charles H. Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times,  22 December 1937
Charles Oakley Messer

Kathryn McDonald Messer
WW I Draft Registration
Retirement Article

Portsmouth Times, 5 December 1953

Portsmouth Times, 2 December 1962
Donna Sue  Messer Death Certificate
Dora Skaggs Messer Obituary
Elvin Messer Photo (with cousin John Messer WW I France)
Discharge Papers
Marriage License Spouse Ruby Jane Eggers
Marriage Certificate

Portsmouth Times,  5 August 1970

Edward Messer Death Certificate
Florine Messer Jackson Photo c. 1943 - 1950
George Harvey Messer Article "Now in  Jail"
Article "Insane Man Reported  Slayer of His Niece"
Portsmouth Times, 17 January 1903
Portsmouth Times, 7 October 1905

Grace Messer Risner

Kelly Risner
Article  "Trio from this County Tried in U. S. Court"
Divorce  Article

Portsmouth Times, 23 April 1937
Portsmouth Times
14 Jun 1966

Portsmouth Times, 9 January 1971
Hattie Mae Messer Keibler Obituary Portsmouth Times, 10 September 1962
Henry Messer and Minerva Lower Marriage Announcement Portsmouth Times, 5 September 1800
Henry M.  Messer Obituary
Death  Certificate
WW I Draft Registration
Article "Messer Seeks Divorce"
Portsmouth Times,  23 September 1970

Portsmouth Times, 5 March 1924
Howard Messer Sr Obituary Portsmouth Times, 10 February 1983
Howard Messer Jr Obituary Portsmouth Times, 13 March 1956
Inf Dau. of Howard & Ruth Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, 10 September 1955
Irene Messer Article "Child Hit by Car"
  "Messer-Maple Nuptials in Early May Announced"
Portsmouth Times, 12 May 1935
Portsmouth Times, 11 May 1942
Isaac Green Messer Death Certificate  
James Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, 10 September 1931
James G. Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times,  3 December 1964
John Messer

Phebe Jane McGuire Messer

Portsmouth Times, 25 October 1957

Portsmouth Times, 14 September 1949
Julia Messer Obituary
Death Certificate
Portsmouth Times, 1920
Julia Downs Messer Roberts Obituary Portsmouth Times, 17 August 1967
Lewis Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, 17 September  1974
Letta Messer Presley Death Certificate
Liddie Messer Toland Obituary Portsmouth Times,  3 May 1984
Louverna  Bradley Messer Obituary
Reunion Article
Portsmouth Times,  8 October 1957
Portsmouth Times, 15 October 1940
Marion Messer WW I Draft Registration
Martha  Grey Messer Obituary
Death Certificate
Portsmouth Times, 26 March 1938
Mose Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, 15 January 1979
Nettie Allen Messer Obituary

Death Certificate
Portsmouth Times 25 May 1920
Pauline Julia Messer Huels Obituary Portsmouth Times, 28 September 1964
Pearl Messer Kindig Obituary Portsmouth Times,  22 September 1922
Preston Messer Obituary
Death Certificate
Portsmouth Times, 26 January 1954
Proctor Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times, 19 June 1980
Ruby Messer McKnight Obituary Portsmouth Times, 17 May 1986
Sarilda Messer Enyart Obituary Portsmouth Times, 8 October 1980
Temple Messer Baker Obituary Portsmouth Times, 4 June 1998
William Messer WW I Draft Registration
William Joe Messer Obituary Portsmouth Times,  23 February 1972

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Misc. Relatives Document Source
Granville A. Arms WW I  Draft Registration
Betty Jean Howard Arnold Obituary Portsmouth Times, 3 January 1957
Green Bradley Obituary Portsmouth Times 10 May 1947
Carl Cecil Eggers
 son of Walter and Sallie Warden Eggers
Death Certificate
Cecil R. Eggers Death Certificate
Elbert Milton Eggers Obituary Portsmouth Times, 7 April 1988
Chester Fultz and  Katherine Yannell Marriage Certificate
Samuel C. Kindig WW I Draft Registration
Rose Morgan Photo
William and Katherine Nease Tombstone Photo
Odell Creek

 Albert Schuler Draft Registration
Anna Bailey Schuler Obituary Portsmouth Times, 16 October 1941
Clay Seeley Obituary Portsmouth Times, 3 March 1965

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